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Kalahari is the first EP from producer Sindh, who, like many of the artists on Valentino Mora's IDO, expresses a wistful fondness for nature in its myriad forms. The project Sindh was named as such after the musician had an affecting encounter with the magnificent Indus River in Ladakh, the lush vegetation and landscapes in this region clearly inspiring Sindh's sound. Sindh's regard for the natural world as well as science fiction is reflected in the instruments employed in Kalahari ranging from flute, bongo, percussions and modular and Ciat Lonbarde synthesisers. Over the four tracks, Sindh leads us through four distinct landscapes, the narrative unfolding track by track. In Saptura, ethereal atmospheres guide us through a ruin-strewn terrain where vegetation has virtually obscured all traces of human life. The resoundingly tranquil mood maintaining faith in the arch of the universe. Sidam opens with a more mysterious tone, inviting curiosity into the next environment as a gentle rhythm guides, allowing space for strange, other-worldly surprises. As winds whisper and synthetic rain responds, the pared back percussions that prevail in Nun-kun introduce a human touch. The warm grooves and atmospheres hint at a more temperate (future?) climate than the tracks namesake currently suggests. Arriving at the closing track of the EP, Kalahari delivers deep grooves and spirited high-hats that will ignite the weariest of travellers. The bizarrely brilliant inflections will remain in your ears long after the track is finished. A stunning sixth release for IDO, Kalahari demonstrates the evolution of the label's sound, offering the opportunity to include traces of minimal and glitch sound palettes whilst maintaining IDO's luscious, spiritual qualities.



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