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Label: Stix
Nr kat.: STIX045CD
Format: CD
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  • 01 20th Century Fox Dub.mp3
  • 02 Enter The Dragon Dub.mp3
  • 03 Shaft Dub.mp3
  • 04 Coffy Is The Color Dub.mp3
  • 05 Love Them From The Godfather Dub.mp3
  • 06 The Good The Bad & The Ugly Dub.mp3
  • 07 'T' Stands For Trouble Dub.mp3
  • 08 Condor Dub!.mp3
  • 09 Psycho Dub.mp3
  • 10 The Imperial March Dub.mp3
  • 11 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Dub.mp3
  • 12 T' Stands For Trouble Dub (version).mp3


Thomas Blanchot, 40 years old percussionist and drummer, started his production structure Mato Production in 2001, where he collaborated and directed for many projects.

Composer, music publisher and producer of music for TV, advertising, films and records, he also began a career as reggae producer since 2006, under the name "MATO". Since then he’s released music through various projects concepts, coming out through labels such as Makasound, EDR Records or Big Singles. In the meantime he developed a real trademark: taking over classics French, Hip-Hop, or Pop song, into roots reggae-dub new versions.

Besides since 2010, Mato has built a solid reputation thanks to his hot remixes of Hip-Hop classics on Stix Records. And in 2014, he presented Homework Dub, giving his own vision of the multiplatinum classic album by Daft Punk, quickly acclaimed internationally as a true performance.

Today, Mato is back with another target for his special skills as a tailor of reggae music, this time focusing on classic musical themes from original soundtracks. Imagine if Lalo Schiffrin, Nino Rota, Gorgio Moroder, Ennio Morricone or John Williams had been blunted at Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Black Ark studio… there you go, this is Hollywoo Dub!!



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