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Humus Per Tutti Vol. 2

  • Pyszny humus! For your disco pleasure! TVPC vibe out of PL !!!

Humus Per Tutti Vol. 2
Nr kat.: HPT02
Format: 12"
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  • a1 IRGAT(Jean Kefta edit).mp3
  • a2 DOUNIA ( Baba Fagerman Remix).mp3
  • b1 MUHARAQA (Jean Kefta and Max Houmous).mp3
  • b2 CHOUIA (Jean Keft and Max Houmous Edit).mp3


Once again the Humus Per Tutti team is bringing some heat on the dancefloors, pleasing all moods and tempos for your disco pleasure. - Sometimes a minimal sound create a maximal effect. This turkish breakbeat is the perfect dj tool too to bring some trancey kraut vibe on the dance floor. One for the b-boys ! - You said cosmic ? Hell yeah ! This relentless mid tempo disco groover can remind Baldelli and his clique with this fat kick, the spacey synth and the far away voice. - Hi-NRJ disco ? K-2000 cover ? Probably none of this but who cares ? One sure thing, this uptempo edit will stuck in your head for a long time. Pure peak time material ! - Arabic disco meets french boogie. This is the typical 7 inches you can find in french flea markets : super groovy tunes with stupid lyrics that needs a good old edit to highlight the best parts of a 3 minutes song.



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