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Who Me?

Who Me?
Label: MIC
Nr kat.: MIC002
Format: 12"
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  • a3 Ode To Daughter.mp3
  • b1 Edges.mp3
  • b2 Lady Bug.mp3


First ever repress since 2017!

The second release from MIC comes from Ladies As Pimps - LAPS for short - an anarchic Glasgow duo formed by Lady Two Collars of Golden Teacher and Sue Zuki from Organs Of Love.

Their duets take centre stage on Who Me: the vocal performances range from the stretched, soulful projections of Ode To Daughter to the lawless, clipped, sweet & sour, spat-not-spoken word of Edges.

Spirited percussion scatters in all directions and bass is smothered in tape delay, as the duo beat their way through dub, r'n'b, house, and way beyond, circling around acts like Madam X, The Bug, Stuart Argabright and Francois K, mashing absurdity with dread.

Recorded at Green Door studios in Glasgow (where the two met) and layered with the analogue production techniques learned on the first youth unemployment programme there, the energy and charisma of these recordings promise a pretty unique live show when they support Princess Nokia later this year.

Supported by Ben UFO, DJ Moxie, Pitchfork.



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