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Just A Flute Thing

Just A Flute Thing
Label: Equinox
Nr kat.: EQX-054
Format: 7"
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For a quarter of a century, DJ Scientist's career has been marked by a steady and continuous presence in the music scene, contributing his skills as a producer, curator, musician, and DJ to various projects and labels, with a particular fondness for vinyl releases.

In celebration of his 25th anniversary, he's returned with two raw instrumental hip-hop tracks on the limited 45 single "Just A Flute Thing." This release serves as a tantalizing preview for his upcoming solo album on Equinox Records.

The title track, "Just A Flute Thing," stands out as an exemplar of funky, yet undeniably raw instrumental hip-hop. It exudes an aura reminiscent of the iconic Beastie Boys' "Flute Thing" and the 1999 club sensation "Watch Out Now" by the Beatnuts, two classics that should be etched in the memory of any hip-hop connoisseur.

On the flip side, Scientist offers a revised version of the composition, "Rega Rega Rega," featuring pristine new mastering. Originally featured on "The Artless Cuckoo EP Vol. II," this new 45 cut promises an enhanced auditory experience.




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