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The Snow EP

The Snow EP
Nr kat.: TM020
Format: 12"
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  • a1 The Snow (Driftmix).mp3
  • a2 The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I).mp3
  • a3 The Snow (Out In The Cold).mp3
  • b1 The Snow (As Pure As).mp3
  • b2 The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II).mp3
  • b3 The Snow.mp3


The Transmigration label has been one of the leading reissue labels in the past half-decade dedicated to the underground sound in various electronic subgenres. For their 20th release of the label, they are reissuing the very desirable The Snow by the legendary 80s UK act Coil. Like the original remix album in 1991, this reissue stays true to keeping the same tracklist which features all the desired versions. Why fix something that isn't broken right?! Included are the ravey breakbeat version 'Answers Come In Dreams 1 as well as the very Psychic TV sounding 'Out In The Cold' and 'As Pure As?' versions that are raw, Chicago influenced acid house and techno inspired. Each and every version is ready for a good hammering on the dancefloor that wishes to veer off on a jaunt into early 90s techno and rave music.




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