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Brazil45: Mr Bongo x DJ Koco (Record Store Day 2024)

  • Japoński DJ / turntablist maestro DJ Koco kontra Mr Bongo w brazylijsko-latynowskiej selekcji. Boxset 5 siedmiocalówek pod banderą RSD 2024. Gratka!

Brazil45: Mr Bongo x DJ Koco (Record Store Day 2024)
Label: Mr Bongo
Nr kat.: MRB7219
Format: 5x7", Box
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  • 01 Os Famks - Labirinto.mp3
  • 02 Walter Branco - Lady Samba.mp3
  • 03 The Boogaloo Combo - Boogaloo Combo (DJ Koco aka Shimokita edit).mp3
  • 04 Paulo Diniz - Ve Se Pisa No Braseiro.mp3
  • 05 Lee Jackson - Light My Fire.mp3
  • 06 Arthur Verocai - Seriado.mp3
  • 07 Walter Branco - Zoraia.mp3
  • 08 Walter Branco - Jael.mp3
  • 09 Ed Lincoln - Se Voce Quiser.mp3
  • 10 Zito Righi - Poema Ritmico Do Malandro (DJ Koco aka Shimokita edit).mp3


Japanese DJ / turntablist maestro DJ KOCO aka SHIMOKITA has been mesmerising the world with his DJing finesse and turntable wizardry. An undeniable level of skill, supreme taste and genuine humility, has seen DJ KOCO rise to the top of the game, as a DJ’s DJ and collector’s selector.

It was whilst being captivated by DJ KOCO’s seamless juggling clips on Instagram, that we saw him cutting up some choice Brazilian 45s. After reaching out to send him a selection from our own Brazil 45’s catalogue, we discovered his deep love of Brazilian music, and the concept of a DJ KOCO curated Brazil 45 boxset was born. As ever, the brief was simple, compile a selection of your favourite Brazilian cuts from the country’s rich musical makeup for the series.

So here it is, ten of DJ KOCO’s most beloved Brazilian jams. The boxset kicks off with the boogie brilliance of Famks ‘Labirinto’ and that is paired with one of three classic Waltel Branco tracks selected by DJ KOCO. Elsewhere, Lee Jackson's blissful cover of The Doors 'Light My Fire' and the energetic MPB joy of ‘Vê Se Pisa No Braseiro’ by Paulo Diniz take pride of place. The dons, Arthur Verocai and Ed Lincoln are also present, further confirmation of the fine ear the DJ has for Brazil’s bountiful musical offerings.

Going above and beyond the brief, DJ KOCO went one step further, producing two exclusive edits especially for the boxset. First up, a restructured interpretation of The Boogaloo Combo ‘Boogaloo Combo’ extending the funked-out break to masterful effect. Secondly, taking on Zito Righi’s 1969 Bossa Nova, rap dancer 'Poema Ritmico Do Malandro' with an exuberant re-edit.

A personal and endearing selection of sought-after tracks, that gives both an insight into DJ KOCO’s broad tastes and digs ever deeper into the breadth of music Brazil has to offer. We can’t wait to see the man himself cutting these 45’s up on his hallowed turntables.




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