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Loop EP

  • Footwork/Juke z PL od wydawcy i producenta, którzy są w temacie nie od dzisiaj. Ale to pierwsze w pełni samodzielne winylowe wydawnictwo Polish Juke. Let's support them!

Loop EP
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Format: 10"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Slush.mp3
  • a2 Heat.mp3
  • a3 Foosy.mp3
  • b1 Yo Free.mp3
  • b2 Blood (feat PZG).mp3
  • b3 I Could Love.mp3


Polish Juke’s first release of the year (and in over a year!) comes from a home-team heavyweight. Half of the iconic We Rob Rave duo, DJ, producer and engineer whose sonic imprint is present throughout the label’s catalogue - from his own productions all the way to his mastering work. Dubsknit, this time under an eerily similar alias SKNIT, delivers another installment into his extensive discography right to your doorstep in the form of a hectic six-tracker - “LOOP”.

To kick things off, right off the bat we’re hit with a loud and blasting double-header of “SLUSH” and “HEAT”, where thick kicks intertwine with synthetic and roaring sounds and skeletal melodies. As the artist himself mentions, to go a little bit against the grain of the infamous, lush WRR work, he decided to strip things down a notch and focus on the electro-infused, dubby bare bones of dance music. Right in the middle of the record, we’re headed into ravier territories, with four-to-the-floor, very Chicago-esque aesthetics of “FOOSY” and beautiful vocal chops of the energetic “YO FREE”. What follows is a peak-time bomb with the We Rob Rave running mate PZG called “BLOOD” which will most definitely turn out to be both a crowd and DJ favourite. To shut things off, SKNIT serves the halftime-leaning, euphoric “I COULD LOVE” with yet another example of his amazing understanding of working around vocals, reminiscent of the many hits in the We Rob Rave/Dubsknit realm.

Producer, drums, synths, bassline, flute & guitar - Dubsknit
Excessive weirdness - PZG
Cover Art - Maciek "Jurny" Recha 



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