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Things Are Getting Better

Things Are Getting Better
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Jimetta Rose and The Voices of Creation announce the release of new album Things Are Getting Better via Day Dreamer Recordings on July 26th. A spirit-lifting, soul-stirring devotional that effortlessly unites house, funk, soul, RnB and hip-hop influences, Things Are Getting Better hears the LA-based vocal group reach new heights to spread a message of faith and togetherness in troubled times. Accompanying the announcement is lead single ‘Portals’.‘Portals’ is the album’s opening track and first single, an invitation to step into a new paradigm and a newway of thinking. Built on a shuffling groove, Jimetta leads the Voices of Creation in a soaring incantation to selfbelief. Breaking the traditional gospel mould with soulful RnB vocal runs and syncopated verses, ‘Portals’ is a fitting introduction to an album that might just change your life. Speaking about the new single Jimetta Rose says: “Every day has the potential to transform our life, our perspective, and our world. Each day is filled with portals of possibility.”

Things Are Getting Better is that invocation to believe. Where their Mario Caldato-produced debut How Good It Is captured the raw power of the choir and channelled their irrepressible live energy on record, Things Are Getting Better introduces a more crafted studio sound to the arrangements. An evolution rather than a reinvention, this is the gospel of Jimetta, delivering “new mantras and new prayers for this new day that we find ourselves in that is so stark between the dark and the light.”

If there is a gospel that LA-based singer, composer, arranger and choir leader Jimetta Rose lives by it is that “our voices are our tools to heal ourselves and others.” Composed of non-professional singers who she assembled following an online call-out, The Voices of Creation embodies Jimetta’s mission to demystify the ministry, spreading a message of faith in the power of music to effect positive change. As she says, “If we sing songs together that uplift and highlight our interdependence on one another, I think we are headed towards a different paradigm and a different way of being.” A prolific vocalist and collaborator with the likes of Anderson. Paak, Carlos Niño and Angel Bat Dawid, this time Jimetta leads from the front, bringing in instrumentalists Isaiah Collier, Ryan Porter and V.C.R. to create a fuller, more diverse palette. Recorded at Sunset Sound studios in Los Angeles alongside fellow producers and choir members Jack Maeby, Allakoi Peete, and mixed by Ben Baptie (whose credits include Sault, Little Simz and Cleo Sol), the resulting album encapsulates Jimetta’s vision for a “Black spiritual classical music.”

Knitting together influences from across eras, ‘To Each is Zone’ nods to Faith, Hope And Charity’s 1975 single ‘To Each His Own’, flipping the meaning of the song into a new context, and reinforcing the humility needed in times of division. Showcasing Jimetta’s vocal harmonies, ‘Miracles’ embodies the idea that the voice can inspire faith where none seems forthcoming. Like ‘Real To Me’, it feels like a lost classic from the great American songbook, imbuing the grace of the vocal performance with a timeless quality. And if gospel house brought the choir to the club, then ‘Everyday Blessings’ brings the kick drum to the church – a belter for transcendence, not preached from up high, but delivered from the congregation. The album closes with the urgent, shuffling breakbeat of ‘Everywhere I Look’, bringing together elements of Black music history from turntablism to Pharoah Sanders’ ‘Love is Everywhere’ in the complete expression of Jimetta’s ministry. Like a ‘Stand on the Word’ for the 21 st century, ‘Everywhere I Look’ will resonate fa and wide.

“We’re here now and who knows where we’re going,” Jimetta says. Music, faith, community. The Voicesof Creation are living their purpose and things are only going to get better.




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