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Psychemagik Presents Magik Sunset Part 2

Psychemagik Presents Magik Sunset Part 2
Label: Leng
Nr kat.: LENGLP009
Format: 2LP
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The follow up and final part of the series, 'Magik Sunset Part Two' is yet another fine selection of tracks mainly released in extremely small numbers, sometimes only on private presses and only reaching specific parts of the world. Many of the tracks offered little information when searching for the original artists, some were discovered living in remote parts of the US and some had changed their names making the search that bit harder. This long and difficult search took well over a year but at the end of it there was more than enough music to make the album into a two-part finale of the Magik series.



So here it is, after three years, three albums and all manner of musical incantations we're ready to embark on the the final leg of this 'Magik' journey. Starting with the redolent psychedelia of the dancefloor leaning "Magik Cyrkles" in 2012, Danny and Tom have led us around the globe, through different seasons and feelings, be it the deep calm of "Magik Sunrise" or the atmospheric beauty of the opening chapter of their "Magik Sunset". Now we stand poised on the edge of forever, ready for these sonic shamen to turn day into night through thirteen otherworldly, unheard and deeply obscure selections. We head for the depths of the musical universe from the off, transported to a distant dimension on the wings of the previously unreleased "In Search Of Atlantis", a mindblowing electronic symphony from Edinburgh composer John Keating. Germany's Orchester Ambros Seelos and France's Plaisirs Erotiques keep things cosmic but inject a hefty helping of funk into proceedings before Danny & Tom hit us with the mighty (and pricey) "Young Freedom" from the one and only Francis Lai. This cinematic groover gives way to the glam slam of a vocoded Neue Deutsche Welle cut from Glenn, before our digging duo pluck another pearl off Jack Adkins rare as rocking horse shit "American Sunset" LP to kick off the second disc. We find ourselves sipping cocktails by the pool to the organic fusion of the Instrumental Group Cabas, before Frederic Castel hits us with the emotive AOR of "Open Up". The Electric Connection supply a counterpoint to the vocoded disco of "Groovy" from "Magik Sunset Part One" with "Cry Of The Lone Wolf" while Fabio Fabor blisses us out with the naive melodies of "Idolo Moresco". Harking back to the weirdo disco of Magik Cyrkles, The Primates' "King Kong" provides a slow, psychedelic groove perfect for any Wolf Muller fans, while the Tony Sinclair Orchestra's "Walkin' Through The Night" is a superlative slice of AOR disco with one hell of a low slung groove. As the sun dips below the horizon, Psychemagik leave us "Far Away" from where we started, drifting along the beach to the tropical strains of the Trepidant's cod reggae.  


A1 John Keating - In Search Of Atlantis
A2 Orchester Ambros Seelos – Mondgesicht
B1 Plaisirs Erotique - Special Ero
B2 Francis Lai - Young Freedom
B3 Glenn - Zeit
C1 Jack Adkins - Sunset Beach
C2 Instrumental Group Cabas - Cry In The Night
C3 Frédéric Castel - Open Up
C4 The Electric Connection - Cry Of The Lone Wolf
D1 Fabio Fabor - Idolo Moresco
D2 The Primates - King Kong
D3 Tony Sinclair Orchestra - Walkin’ Through The Night
D4 Trepidant’s - Far Away



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