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Odissey EP

Odissey EP
Label: Subosc
Nr kat.: SBCV001
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Odissey.mp3
  • a2 Odissey (Zadig remix).mp3
  • b1 Displace.mp3
  • b2 Displace (Plural remix).mp3


Subosc Ltd is glad to announce its first release: the sublabel will feature a limited number of vinyl only releases during the year. From the musical perspective it will follow the same concept of the main label, which is focused on timeless detroit/dub techno. Already known for his works on labels such as CLFT and Monnom Black, well received and supported by the worldwide scene, the italian artist Kaelan signs this first ep demonstrating his effort in delivering classy and timeless techno with a detail oriented attitude. On the A side, “Odissey” is an intense rhythmic techno burner filled with emotional pads, while on the B side “Displace” entails a sustained-tempo detoxifying/explorative approach, with classic and detroit influenced pads. As remixers, Zadig (Construct Re-Form) re-interprets “Odissey” incorporating dense and melancholic atmospheres without any groove loss, while Plural (Metroplex / Separate Skills) offers a stripped down version of “Displace” with his essential signature sound. Enjoy !. VINYL ONLY !



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