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Mapping The Futures Gone By

Mapping The Futures Gone By
Label: Hit+Run
Nr kat.: HNR55CD
Format: CD
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  • 01 Sunstroke On Sunset Ridge.mp3
  • 02 Sluice Box Tavern.mp3
  • 03 Breakthrough At Hale Rock.mp3
  • 04 We Sail Against The Heavy Gas.mp3
  • 05 Clear Water Still.mp3
  • 06 Star Struck Canopy.mp3


Contact Field Orchestra is produced by Damon Aaron. In 2008 he came across a box of 7" tapes at an estate sale in Altadena that turned out to be field recordings of a turn-of-the century orchestra of ex-miners; recorded almost entirely with hand-made instruments and contact microphones. This became the source material for this collection of releases with HIT+RUN. 150 COPIES MADE ! This EP is the fourth release (including a tape release ) from Contact Field Orchestra with HIT+RUN. CFO has also appeared on Giles Peterson's seminal compilation series "Brownswood Bubblers" (Volume 10), and contributed to Ninja Tune's popular "Solid Steel" mix. "Sounds like Tom Waits and Augustus Pablo smoking opium on the bayou." -- Kutmah "Mapping The Futures Gone By" furthers Contact Field Orchestra's exploration of dubby broken percussion and haunting found sounds. Sirens and lasers accent plaintive woodwind arrangements set against mbiras and bluesy guitars. Fitting in a time and place that's uniquely it's own, MTFGB is a travelogue to a lucid dream, a mining expedition or a trip to space--somehow nostalgic and familiar, yet somehow not at all.



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