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Attack Of The 50ft Amen (12" + MP3 download code + insert) clear vinyl

Attack Of The 50ft Amen (12" + MP3 download code + insert) clear vinyl
Label: Tempo
Nr kat.: TEMPO1204
Format: 12"
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Tempo Records is proud to announce & release three brand new tracks by DJ Trax. He has been releasing records since 1991 on labels such as Moving Shadow, Goodlooking, and many more. As well as solo releases, he has recorded with Paradox under various aliases including Mixrace. Tempo Records picked three of DJ Trax' latest creations, and since it's hard to describe them here's DJ Trax' own words: "The title track 'Attack Of The 50ft Amen' was inspired by 50s B-Movies, in particular Attack Of The 50ft Woman. Fifty Foot beats meet atmospheric drum and bass. 89 'Til Infinity is a reference to Souls Of Mischiefs - 93 'Til Infinity. That track really captured an era in hip hop which still continues to influence the scene and will do for many years to come. I wanted to do similar but to capture the Detroit type sounds of 1989. Finally Bring It Back is a nod back to the mid 90?s. In particular nights like Speed down at the Mars Bar. It also shows how my love of Funk and Soul influences my music." This release comes with a mp3 download voucher, all tracks mastered by Stuart Hawkes of Metropolis mastering London, limited 140 gramms clear vinyl pressing with full artwork sleeve, including 250 yellow posters/inlays and only 100 posters/inlays signed by DJ Trax where made (this poster artwork inspired DJ Trax to write the title track). Highly recommended.



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