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An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014

An Anthology Of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014
Label: Sub Rosa
Nr kat.: SR390
Format: 2CD
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  • 01 Bulent Arel - Postlude From Music For A Scared Service.mp3
  • 02 Batuhan Bozkurt - Kun.mp3
  • 03 Alper Maral - Sho.mp3
  • 04 Batur Sonmez - Flash Mental Experiment No 23.mp3
  • 05 Cenk Ergun - Forge.mp3
  • 06 Erdem Helvacioglu - Resonating Universes (part 1).mp3
  • 07 Korhan Erel - Con-Structure 2 (Death Of Komarov On Re-Entry).mp3
  • 08 Sair Sinan Kestelli - Earthworks.mp3
  • 09 Koray Tahirglu - Iki El.mp3
  • 10 Mehmet Can OZer - Plug-Out Baliklar II.mp3
  • 11 Tolga Tuzun - Uncomfortable Possibilities Of Seamless Unions.mp3
  • 12 Basar Under - Diving.mp3
  • 13 Nilufer Ormanli - Life In The Mist Of Finer Thoughts.mp3
  • 14 Ilhan Mimaroglu - Prelude No 17 (Istanbul Fog).mp3
  • 15 Utku Tavil - SUTT (CD2).mp3
  • 16 Asaf Zeki Yuksel - Democracy Lessons.mp3
  • 17 Osman Kaytazoglu - The Monopoly Of Victim Status.mp3
  • 18 SIFIR (Z Aracagok) - I Want To Be A Suicide Bomber.mp3
  • 19 Cem Guney - Procession AD.mp3
  • 20 Volkan Ergen - Sublimation F.mp3
  • 21 Mete Sezgin - Subconscious Memories.mp3
  • 22 Mors - PefYAy.mp3
  • 23 Tuna Pase - Nefes.mp3
  • 24 D2GG - 3 Cakil Tas.mp3
  • 25 2 5BZ - Anadolog.mp3
  • 26 Cevdet Erek - Strob.mp3
  • 27 Reverie Falls On All - Eta Carinae.mp3
  • 28 Burcin Elmas - So Far.mp3
  • 29 Meczup - Sworn Mother.mp3


2CD digipack + 20 page booklet

An Overview of Experimental and Electronic Music in Turkey: this anthology features 29 turkish artists: from the electronic music of the '60s to all forms of experimental music of the '10s. This is the second volume of an exploration by zone or sphere of influence. The constellation built between 2000 and 2012 with the seven-part series An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music continues to expand through the Early Electronic collection (consisting mostly of tracks composed between the 50's and the 80's) and these 'area anthologies' (we prefer the phrase 'area of influence' to 'country'), this one having been preceded by An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008. You probably noticed how larger is the time frame for this collection. The reason is that, in Turkey, two exceptional composers emerged very early on to show the way to future generations that followed in a piecemeal fashion. Indeed, Arel and Mimaroglu did not have immediate followers. The explosion happened later, through the 'serious music' of conservatories and universities (Cenk Ergün, Koray Tahiro?lu, Mehmet Can Özer...) and the electronic/noise music avant-garde ((Mete Sezgin, Nilüfer Ormanlı, Utku Tavil...) - the great wave of the 2000s and 2010s. The beauty of this album is found in its multifaceted nature; it features purely formal music, hijacked electronica, remnants of Turkish harmonies, and pieces that are more conceptual or even political (vaguely or strongly) in design. Batur Sönmez and Erdem Helvacıoglu have managed to capture this diversity and energy. And it so happens that this profusion of music related to an urgency to live and think freely is blooming within an increasingly-stifling space. Call it the spectacular beauty of an explosion.



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