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Kolours / Forgotten Scores / Maps

  • Bassowo-dubowe tai-chi. Taki Hatti Vatti zawsze na tak. Tutaj w towarzystwie innego utalentowanego krajana.
  • Black Vinyl!

Kolours / Forgotten Scores / Maps
Label: Absys
Nr kat.: ABSLTD005
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Kolours.mp3
  • a2 Forgotten Scores.mp3
  • b1 Maps.mp3


'An ode to the city of Berlin'

After a brief while of ‘studio silence’, Hatti Vatti returns to Absys Records and joins forces with Es.tereo, the outcome of which is a brilliant EP called “Maps” – yet another vinyl addition to the label’s already impressive catalogue. So, what to expect inside? Quality over quantity, as Synkro, Doc Scott or Presha Samurai would put it. Each of the three tracks included in the EP is a definition of what both of these super producers feel best at – the deeper side of +/- 170 BPM electronic music. You can say that it’s a contemporary face of the more gentle form of half-tempo drum & bass, but you can also say that, simply speaking, it’s a healthy portion of good electronic music with soul.

“Kolours” will enchant you with the warmth of its bassline and the richness of the background elements, “Forgotten Scores” will captivate you with the spacious sound of the percussion layer and the variety of bits and pieces surrounding it, and the more minimalistic, mysterious, and a bit more broken-beated “Maps” proves that content is much more telling than form. To put it in a nutshell, ABSLTD005 is Hatti Vatti and Es.tereo in their top shape.



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