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On My Planet EP

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On My Planet EP
Label: Hush Hush
Nr kat.: HH066
Format: MC
Kraj: PL
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A limited-edition run of Lowhitey's 2 Hush Hush releases on 1 cassette tape.
Royal Blue cassette shell color.

Side A: On My Planet EP
Tak, Zabierz Mnie Tam
Smelling Flowers All Day Long
Dusza w Przestworzach
I'm Always There

Side B: Alone With My Thoughts EP
When You Have So Much Love To Give
Totally Lost




On My Planet' marks the second official EP release from Polish electronic DJ/producer Lowhitey aka Wojciech Misiak. Returning to Seattle-based label Hush Hush following his 2014 debut 'Alone With My Thoughts,' his latest offering once again finds the blossoming artist showcasing his lush, escapist, atmospheric beats with a blissful fusion of downtempo, ambient, and IDM styles.

Melancholic melodies and enveloping textures dominate throughout, providing a glimpse into Lowhitey’s exploratory imagination of a better alternative world outside of his own reality. While vocal fragments intermittently emerge in the mix, 'On My Planet' is defined by its distinctive instrumental landscape that guides the listener through a dreamy alternative world with Lowhitey behind the wheel. The EP is backed with a tense and captivating remix from fellow blossoming NYC electronic producer Kadahn, an evolving sound artist that has previously showcased his unique style on releases for both Hush Hush and Kastle’s Symbols label.




Lowhitey is the self-mocking alias of Polish electronic DJ/producer Wojciech Misiak. After a pair of releases on independent Polish labels, he’s chosen Seattle’s Hush Hush Records to make his American debut, and with one of his most comprehensive releases to date. ‘Alone With My Thoughts’ is a blissful display of atmospheric-heavy beats that blend the most hypnotic elements of downtempo, ambient, and IDM intricacies. Lowhitey’s 4 original tracks oscillate warmly through an absorbing, meditative haze. Hush Hush alums Chants and VVV each apply their immersive touch on knockout remixes, while fellow Polish artist The Phantom’s lush deep house remix beautifully rounds out the release with an eye on a darkly-lit dancefloor.


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