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A Room For Babette

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A Room For Babette
Nr kat.: CPG006
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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It is common knowledge Toby Tobias used to rule the coasts of Ibiza with his Balearic Iron Funk! Now back on his home turf of London, Toby has chosen the Cosmic Pint Glass to tell us the story Sun, Sea and Madness! A Room for Babette is a Balearic House Funk bomb filled with sandy frolics and a touch of mayhem. Afterwards we hit the romance button. Touch Meh is a one of the smoothest edits to be given the Toby treatment and on the flip Ptaki take you on an amazingly beautiful 12 minute journey around the islands with their A Room for Babette remix complete with dolphins! When Toby Tobias visited Ibiza he used to stay at an amazing B&B ran by Babette. She was one of the original party people of the island and would hang out with the likes of Grace Jones. A Room for Babette echoes that summer madness only found on these islands in a certain time and place. The track starts off with that feeling of disorientation that perhaps a few midday holiday brews might bring on. An erratic beat and explosions rattle overhead, until the soothing sounds of a synthesised flute float in. Shortly after a saxophone joins in and the explosions start up again. It’s at this point things start to get fun! Tensions are rising and the boogie is starting to happen! Before long you’re travelling at full tilt! Toby has been part of the London scene since breaking some shapes in the streets back in the 80’s. He has seen genres come and go and all the while been adding to his record collection. In this track you can hear a cross pollination of Styles from Funk, House, Soca and even No Wave making for a DJ friendly track and has a genuinely rare style. After the evening out on the town, it’s time to go back to the chalet for a night of romance. Touch Meh is a one of the smoothest, romantic edits. Toby adds his magic to re-edit with the addition of some powerful drums making for a seriously raunchy track! The next day (On the flip of the EP) we meet up with Ptaki, everyone is feeling a little ...



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