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Long Time Traveller

Long Time Traveller
Label: On-U Sound
Nr kat.: ONUCD130
Format: 2CD
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  • 01 To Be Rich (Should Be A Crime).mp3
  • 02 The Day You Came Over The Hill.mp3
  • 03 Mother Your Son.mp3
  • 04 I`m In Need Now.mp3
  • 05 Lonely King Of The Country.mp3
  • 06 Poor Man`s Prayer.mp3
  • 07 Mr Nobody.mp3
  • 08 97 Miles.mp3
  • 09 Moving Time.mp3
  • 10 Everything Is Different.mp3
  • 11 Salt Of A Fallen Tear (CD2 bonus track).mp3
  • 12 Miss Moon.mp3
  • 13 Sweet Tough & Terrible.mp3
  • 14 This Dark Road.mp3
  • 15 97 Miles.mp3
  • 16 The Day You Came Over The Hill (alternate mix).mp3
  • 17 Lonely King Of The Country (alternate mix).mp3
  • 18 I`m In Need Now (alternate mix).mp3
  • 19 Everything Is Different (alternate mix).mp3
  • 20 Mother Your Son (alternate mix).mp3
  • 21 Poor Man`s Prayer (alternate mix).mp3


Jeb Loy Nichols finally comes home to On-U Sound, the label he first befriended in 1981. A country/dub crossover record, backed by members of Dub Syndicate and the Roots Radics, and with Adrian Sherwood at the controls. The subtle dub production gives Jeb's careworn songs of love and loss a unique sound - this is Nashville-by-way-of-Kingston, Lee Hazlewood if he'd made an album with the Wailers, equal parts Johnny Cash and Horace Andy.

Following a limited Japanese release in 2010, the album has been remixed, resequenced and redesigned to present the definitive edition of this sublime set of songs. A cult figure for fans of Americana, Jeb was born in the Midwest of the United States. His career has encompassed leading The Fellow Travellers (one of the first bands to be described as ‘alt country’), sleeve design for the Pressure Sounds reggae reissue label, compiling the acclaimed Country Got Soul series, writing a regular column for the Heavenly-affiliated Caught By The River periodical, and solo albums for Capitol, Decca, Rykodisc and Rough Trade. He now resides in rural Wales, where he spends his time making art, playing music, writing, worrying, digging holes and planting things.

Vinyl edition includes a download card for full contents plus 11 bonus tracks (same content as Disc 2 of the CD edition).

CD edition includes a bonus disc containing 11 additional songs and alternate mixes.

“The high priest of country cool” – Rolling Stone




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