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Slowly Turning

Slowly Turning
Nr kat.: HYPE037
Format: 12"
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Peter Kremeier, AKA Losoul, has always been an artist we’ve greatly admired here at Hypercolour, so it was a real thrill to have him on the label back in 2014, and here we have an essential repress of the ‘Slowly Turning’ release. A huge catalogue of eclectic, distinctive and funky music for labels like Playhouse, Moodmusic and Freak ‘n’ Chic, Losoul turns in two exceptional tracks on this EP that were lapped up on the initial release. ‘Daddy, What’s A Rise?’ is classic Losoul; a heavy low slung groove never lets up, with micro disco stabs and distant vocal snippets, looping round and round for over 10 minutes, but without ever standing still, the filtering and deft touches keep things moving at just the right funky pace. B side cut ‘Time & Space’ is a glitchy and dubbed out affair, a solid 4/4 beat underpins a myriad of delayed percussion and panning synths, spatial effects and an incessant chord stab, head music for the heads indeed! Selected DJ reactions Troy Pierce (Items & Things) – Classic Losoul! Good stuff… Josh Wink (Ovum) – dig the simplicity of Losoul’s tracks, groovin! Jimpster (Freerange) – I’m a big fan of Losoul so dead happy to hear some new stuss, this is killer too, especially ‘Daddy’, defo playing this out a lot Ralph Lawson (2020 Vision) – Heavy as you would expect! Will Saul (Aus) – Epic win! Roman Fluegel – Great material by a true legend! Midland – Very good, thanks Roy Davis Jnr – Deadly groove! Detroit Swindle – Classic Losoul, nice one Ewan Pearson - Losoul is one of the great European house producers and doesn’t seem to get the props that some of his peers get. This is as usual a cut above - Daddy is more than a disco loop, and Time & Space is completely hypnotic. Davide Squillace – Just fantastic, big fan of Losoul Raresh (arpiar) – superb release, wow, thanks a lot! Mr. G – great production.



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