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Lefhanded Fuqs

Lefhanded Fuqs
Label: Trip
Nr kat.: TRP009
Format: 3LP
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  • 01 Fimm Atta Atta Fimm Fimm Tveir Tveir.mp3
  • 02 Lefhanded Fuqs.mp3
  • 03 4531704090 2.mp3
  • 04 2366262lhkjdgh.mp3
  • 05 AFLKILL.mp3
  • 06 EL.mp3
  • 07 Ghentleman Render 2.mp3
  • 08 Gory Ryebread.mp3
  • 09 Thumb.mp3
  • 10 Fkakafsnow Tromma 20 12.mp3
  • 11 Basketball Smile (Bbbbbb mix).mp3
  • 12 YYKYE.mp3


Lefhanded Fuqs is the second of Bjarki triptych of LP’s to be released this year. Follow the stunning ‘?’ released in June this year, Lefhanded Fuqs and Æ are being released over the coming months and represent a snapshot of his archive, selected by Nina Kraviz for Trip. The tracks were produced months ago, years ago, or in the case of the last track just a couple of weeks ago. What began with 30 tracks are now 41. The three LPs aren’t albums in the traditional sense - the concept being to release the contents of his burgeoning hard drives. The music might fit together like an album, but Bjarki doesn’t see it that way. It’s essentially an archive that sounds like an album but none of the music was made with this in mind. Lefhanded Fugs is released this September to feverish anticipation. Whilst naming one of the tracks that he made with a left hand for the LP, Bjarki was so left-handed that he completely misspelled it. But in honour of all the left-handed people making mistakes because of tools made only for right-handed people, he decided to keep it. The LP contains the more experimental material from the archive, including one the first film scores he produced several years ago for a story he wrote himself. Bjarki is from Iceland. Born and raised. Despite the fact that Bjarki is known for making extremely powerful dance floor tracks he doesn’t seem to belong to any particular genre. Something this triptych of LPs demonstrates very well. His music is at times cinematic and there’s a story behind each track. Bjarki’s music always has something to do with him personally, but he’d rather the listener lose themselves in the music than pay much attention to the man behind them. Either on a record or to one of his ever evolving live sets ...



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