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Natural Selections

Natural Selections
Nr kat.: SHNT003
Format: 12"
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  • a2 Friends And Fam.mp3
  • a3 Thicker Than Water (feat Tiana Khasi).mp3
  • b1 Be There (feat Noah Slee).mp3
  • b2 Different Star (feat Laneous).mp3
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After taking a break from his renowned AV shows, and keeping original releases close to his chest since his debut album in 2012, Soul Has No Tempo proudly present Natural Selections, the breathtakingly refreshing second EP from prominent producer, Sampology. The relentlessly innovative Brisbane native releases his best and most personal work to-date. As a torchbearer for collaborative inspiration, Sampology’s passion for extracting and supporting emerging talent from the depths of Brisbane’s evolving Soul/Electronic scene shines with Natural Selections. Exposing a previously untapped side of his vast musical sphere, Natural Selections is an exquisite 6-track EP that delves into Sampology’s afro-percussive and organic influences which he has masterfully produced and laced with lush, live elements throughout. Following a hiatus from releases and touring to further develop his craft, the results have been well worth the wait. The producer is at the core of the live instrumentation on Natural Selections, playing keys, Kalimba, live percussion, Rhodes and drum programming - a highlight also being the engagement of renowned composer and conductor, Gordon Hamilton, arranging strings on lead single ‘Thicker Than Water’. The pinnacle of the EP is the stand-out collaborations and features. Sampology has called on a number of Brisbane artists/friends that represent a new wave in soulful, fresh electronic music to lend their talents, with the producers own family also collaborating on the music and art. Upcoming vocalist Tiana Khasi features on lead single ‘Thicker Than Water’, Laneous (Hiatus Kaiyote cover artist) offers his vocals to ‘Different Star’ with the powerful strength of NZ-born/Berlin-based (via Brisbane) artist Noah Slee, shining on ‘Be There’. ...



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