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Star Time - Larry Dixon & LAD Productions, Inc. Chicago 1971-87

Star Time - Larry Dixon & LAD Productions, Inc. Chicago 1971-87
Label: Past Due
Format: 4LP, Box
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  • 01 Larry Dixon - I`m So In Love.mp3
  • 02 Larry Dixon - Together.mp3
  • 03 Larry Dixon - Hey Girl.mp3
  • 04 Larry Dixon - Free Me.mp3
  • 05 Larry Dixon - What I Am.mp3
  • 06 Larry Dixon - Body.mp3
  • 07 Larry Dixon - Show Me The Way.mp3
  • 08 Larry Dixon - Star Time.mp3
  • 09 Larry Dixon - Can`t Price Love.mp3
  • 10 Larry Dixon - Make Up Your Mind.mp3
  • 11 Larry Dixon - Dance To The Beat.mp3
  • 12 Larry Dixon - Can`t Price Love (instrumental).mp3
  • 13 Larry Dixon - Wait For Me.mp3
  • 14 Larry Dixon - The Only One.mp3
  • 15 Larry Dixon - Doing What Comes Naturally.mp3
  • 16 Larry Dixon - Wait For Me (instrumental).mp3
  • 17 Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time (part 1).mp3
  • 18 Larry Dixon - The Only One.mp3
  • 19 Larry Dixon - Don`t It Make You Dance.mp3
  • 20 Larry Dixon - Star Time (7-inch version).mp3
  • 21 Larry Dixon - You`re On Your Own.mp3
  • 22 Charles Parks & III High Society Players - Space Caravan (vocal).mp3
  • 23 Charles Parks III & High Society Players - Groove All Night.mp3
  • 24 Larry Dixon - Feelings (Feel So Fine).mp3
  • 25 Larry Dixon - Being With You.mp3
  • 26 High Society Players - The Love We Had (demo instrumental).mp3
  • 27 Chuk-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch.mp3
  • 28 Larry Dixon - Love In Your Heart.mp3
  • 29 Chuk-A-Luck - That Kind Of Love.mp3
  • 30 Larry Dixon - Love Has Come Back.mp3
  • 31 Larry Dixon - Saturday Night.mp3
  • 32 Chuk-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch (Jerome dub).mp3
  • 33 Larry Dixon - Feelings (Feel So Fine) (instrumental).mp3
  • 34 Larry Dixon Group Soulful Spades - Next Time (part 2).mp3
  • 35 Charles Parks III & High Society Players - Space Caravan (instrumental).mp3
  • 36 Chuk-A-Luck - Ready For Your Touch Final (instrumental).mp3


For the past four decades, a growing cult of soul music collectors have sought two obscure LPs and a handful of extremely rare 45s released on the vanity record label LAD Productions, Inc. between the late seventies and the mid eighties by the mysterious South Side Chicago singer/song writer Larry Dixon. Larry's raw songs capture the transition from R&B to boogie-down as disco was rapidly becoming extinct. They also perfectly illustrate Larry's ability to overcome his environment and discrimination, transcended by his determination to write and produce music. With the support of his faithful musicians, Larry's success was only hindered by lack of airplay and promotion, but his talent shines through. This is the story of Larry Dixon, his label LAD Productions, Inc., and his friends and family throughout four decades of music in Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. Jerome Derradji is proud to reactivate Past Due Records - the boogie funk division of Still Music to release this fantastic archive - what many consider to be the Holy Grail - of Chicago Funk, Boogie and Soul: 'Star Time' will be released in a limited 500 copies 10 X 7" Box Set, a limited 500 copies 4 LP Box Set, DCD and Digitally - all faithfully reproducing the vision of LAD Productions, Inc. It features each and every Larry Dixon's releases from 1971 to 1987, including the ultra rare 'I'am So In Love' LP recorded live at the Copherbox Club in 1980 and the ultra rare boogie funk 'Can't Price Love' LP, each carefully re-mastered from the original tapes and a lot more! Many unreleased songs (some mixed by Jerome Derradji) are also featured. Each format includes a unique booklet with the story of Larry Dixon and his friends, written by Jacob Arnold, along with numerous pictures and documents previously never published. Artwork is by Al Kent from Million Dollar Disco.



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