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West End Edits: Medlar

West End Edits: Medlar
Label: West End
Nr kat.: WEBMG02LP
Format: 2x12"
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  • 01 Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Medlar extended edit).mp3
  • 02 Love Club - Hot Summer Nights (Medlar dub edit).mp3
  • 03 Kenix - There`s Never Been (No One Like You) (feat Bonny Youngblood - Medlar edit).mp3
  • 04 Sweet Life - I Get Lifted (Medlar dub).mp3


The legendary West End Records kick off 2017 with the a brand new re-edits series inviting like-minded producers with an underground thirst and a deep understanding of house & disco culture to collaborate on a very special project. First up, Wolf Music man Medlar; applying his dancefloor know-how to West End’s rich archive of classic disco and boogie. Hand picking four personal favourites, Medlar reworks them perfectly for current club sets. Picking out dub sections and skilfully reworking & extending them proving exactly why Medlar has been such a draw to labels like Delusions of Grandeur and For Discos Only. “I put these edits together for myself and a few friends to play in our DJ sets. West End was one of the key stepping stones to what would later become house music and for many is the definitive sound of early 80s New York. I’d argue that it’s aged better than any other label of that era and if you’re relatively new to the label or know it inside out, the catalogue can likely still provide something new.” These four sublime new edits from Medlar showcase his passion for digging deep, knowledge of house history and skills as a producer.



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