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Most Excellent Breaks, Beats & Loops Volume 2

Most Excellent Breaks, Beats & Loops Volume 2
Nr kat.: MXU008
Format: 12"
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  • 01 Justin Van Der Volgen - High In NYC.mp3
  • 02 Bruce Forest - Street Break.mp3
  • 03 Photay - J Train Squeak Break.mp3
  • 04 Phil Moffa - Kings Queens.mp3
  • 05 Devin Dare - WatCanUDo4Me.mp3
  • 06 Jex Opolis - CR78 Sharing.mp3
  • 07 Whatever-Whatever - Non Stop.mp3
  • 08 KZA - Fitness Beats.mp3


After the success of Most Excellent Unlimited’s first DJ tools collection, a new roster of dance floor masters has convened to open their bag of tricks. There’s something for every mood on this eight- track EP, opening appropriately with the one-two disco punch of Justin Van Der Volgen’s energetic conga break “High In NYC” and legendary Better Days alum Bruce Forest’s anthemic “Street Break,” with its instantly recognizable brass hook and percussion from Brazilian maestro Airto Moreira. Photay’s “J Train Squeak Break” builds drama with a minimal afro texture while Phil Moffa goes the other way with a tribal four-on-the-floor stomper. The flip side continues the diverse directive, as Devin Dare’s opening segment demonstrates with a never-issued Labelle live session. Jex Opolis crafts a clever Sun Palace-esque Casio workout and downtown veterans Whatever/Whatever revisit a much- loved technopop beat before KZA takes things out with “Fitness Beats,” a sweaty workout that runs through a dozen iconic disco breaks. Once again, Most Excellent Breaks, Beats & Loops lives up to its name with a high-quality collection that proudly extends the lineage of the classic New York City break compilation.



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