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V.S & the H.O.G's previous explorations into Special Versions have always been selected from their more leftfield musical treasures, 'Angel Dust' & 'Turn Me On' are amazing versions of classics that are worthy of being in any discerning DJs record boxes! 'Angel Dust' is a magical voyage through Disco-Rock wonderland - A twirling twist on a bonafide classic. The Disco Angels kindly delivered the rare original multi-track parts for this playful journey. At almost 9 minutes long, 'Angel Dust' has a raw, edgy Punk-Funk vibe. Everything is more stripped down & sleazy, with delays & spatial sound effects aplenty. The groove just keeps on building with the Chicesque guitar riffs and amazing vocal harmonies twirling along a disco left turn that in a Flash takes you by surprise into a Good Time vortex! You can't help but smile & dance at this point - It's a great version for the modern dancefloor, maintaining the magic & essence of the original! Perfect for 'Pikes' Ibiza, yacht-rock parties, leather-boy dark basements, Las Vegas Casinos, Fetish parties, Hen nights, B-Boy block parties, after-hours jams, weddings and bar mitzvah's - A classic for all occasions! Climb aboard the mothership for a cosmic journey into the final frontier of sophisticated Dark Star Funk! 'Turn Me On' is super high end Twilight sounds for Space-travellers, Moon maidens and Love robots, getting down with a galactic goddess under a swirling Disco ball! After the seductive spiritual Fender Rhodes intro, we are drawn into the hypnotic groove by its razor sharp drumming and deep electronic sub-bass synth. A yearning ebony diva dreamily begins moaning her mantra 'Touch Me, Feel Me!' and then the magic really starts to fly! Eyes closed, dancing on a cosmopolitan Wave, we finally reach an ecstatic eruption as the melody strips down to a primal breakbeat percussion frenzy and our aroused temptress loses control with a cascade of salacious screaming! 'Turn Me On' has been masterfully mix-blended by Velvet Season who understand the subtle nuances of a classic such as this and how to accentuate the mystical power for the modern dancefloor!



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