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Sapa Inca Delirium

Sapa Inca Delirium
Nr kat.: HYPELP010
Format: 2LP+MP3
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  • 01 Go Back.mp3
  • 02 Inhale-Exhale (feat Tanaya Harper).mp3
  • 03 Inti.mp3
  • 04 Peruvian Gold.mp3
  • 05 Forest Surge.mp3
  • 06 Antiexist.mp3
  • 07 A Blind Girl Drinks Ayawaska.mp3
  • 08 Skateboarding In The Jungle.mp3
  • 09 When We All Break Down (feat Joni).mp3
  • 10 Mirrors (feat Tanaya Harper).mp3
  • 11 Sapa Inca Delirium.mp3


Having given us a taster of things to come back in September 2016, with the 'Pressing Matters' single, The Cyclist returns to Hypercolour with a brand new, full length album. And as the title suggests, 'Sapa Inca Delirium' leans heavily on South American mysticism, not just musically, but in the visual imagery that the eleven-track album paints so well across its various tempos and rhythms. From the tropical burst of mood setting opener, 'Go Back' to the steamy and pacey percussive flow of 'Inhale/Exhale' which features regular collaborator Tanaya Harper on vocals, The Cyclist's fourth long player is crammed full of intriguing atmospheres and soundscapes. 'Antiexist', with its down-tempo rolling snare fills and ethereal Gregorian chanting segues effortlessly into 'A Blind Girl Drinks Ayawaska', a suitably discordant and hallucinogenic skit that ensures the album flows into the more rhythmic cuts like 'Skateboarding In The Jungle' and 'Mirrors' (the second album cut to feature Harper on vocals). Even the traditional jazzier vibes of 'When We All Break Down' featuring Joni are kept rugged and boisterous, with heavyweight bending bass, choppy breakbeats and FX'd ambience amongst the smooth jazzy chords and sweet vocal delivery. 'Sapa Inca Delirium' is one of those albums that will reward on repeat listen, such is the diversity of style on show here, and the detailed and wide eyed curiosity offered up across the long player's fifty three minutes.



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