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Momentum: 10 Years Of Token

Momentum: 10 Years Of Token
Label: Token
Nr kat.: TOKEN78LP
Format: 3LP+CD
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  • 01 Rodhad & Sigha - Bloom.mp3
  • 02 O [Phase] & Rodhad - Detonation Vertex.mp3
  • 03 Antigone & O [Phase] - Icosahedron Flood.mp3
  • 04 Inigo Kennedy & Kr!z - Amalgam.mp3
  • 05 Tadeo & Ctrls - Dropout.mp3
  • 06 Ctrls & Antigone - The Hardest Part.mp3
  • 07 Kr!z & Ctrls - Comets.mp3
  • 08 Inigo Kennedy & Sigha - Minor Ascent.mp3
  • 09 Oscar Mulero & Inigo Kennedy - Catharsis.mp3


Over the last 10 years Token Records has grown steadily, both in size and stylistic breadth. The aptly-titled Momentum comes as a celebration of the close-knit family of artists amassed throughout the label's running. The record is a fitting collaborative project, with every track on the album produced by two longstanding and well-respected artists from the label's roster and especially commissioned for the release. This type of collaboration is intended to showcase the specific sound of the label, developed through 10 years of careful curation, as well as bringing out the individual identities of the artists involved.On the development of the label's sound, Token founder Kr!z comments, "Inigo delivered quite the statement with the first release Identify Yourself. I think identity was and still is key in the development of the label and the artists."Inigo Kennedy's involvement in Token has been profoundly influential and spans its very existence; with three collaborative tracks on the record, it's easy to hear his trademark cinematic sound throughout. One such offering, Amalgam, is co-produced by Kr!z himself, which is a first step for the label head into releasing his own music after years of taking the back seat, focusing instead on DJing while keeping the label ticking over and the releases coming out. Token's identity has been clarified through its curation over the years as each new artist has joined the label family. Ø Phase has been a staple since 2007, providing cerebral sustenance for the most discerning of listeners. To date, he has produced two successful albums and a string of notable EPs for Token, Binary Opposition being perhaps the best-known; a pulsating, mesmerising project on both sides that played a serious role in pushing the label to a larger audience. Rødhåd's trademark composure was a similarly early addition, and although his Spomeniks release was a step aside from his own ongoing Dystopian project, he has remained an important member of the Token collective. Ctrls was a Token affiliate from early in his career, and has to date provided nine solo EPs. His class of jarring, inorganic techno adds an atypical feel to the label's output, while Antigone's 2015 double EP Cantor Dust paved the way for another strong artist/label relationship. This bond has resulted series of adventurous releases over past two years, with the most recent Ostinato EP esteemed as a tasteful antidote to the techno status quo.



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