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Robots Of Dawn EP

Robots Of Dawn EP
Nr kat.: VQ067
Format: 12"
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This October will see Canada’s Mathew Jonson join forces with Visionquest co-founder Ryan Crosson for a two track EP in the shape of ‘Robots Of Dawn’. Canada’s Mathew Jonson has quite the impressive career under his belt having co-founded the revered Wagon Repair label and heading up Itiswhatitis Recordings as well as performing under his own name and various guises such as Cobblestone Jazz, The Modern Deep Left Quarted, and his new project Units & Measurements alongside Hreno and The Mole. Here we see the synth aficionado joining forces with Visionquest’s very own Ryan Crosson, who’s carved out an equally impressive career to date and will soon drop his second long player alongside Cesar Merveille focused on intricately musicality and an intriguing approach to electronic music via the Visionquest imprint. As you’d expect from such a pairing this collaboration packs a bunch, opening with ‘Tempelhof’ named after the now defunct airport in Berlin and laid out over thirteen minutes of gradually unfolding and retracting acid swells, resonant synth whirrs, mind bending arpeggios and dynamic, baroquely evolving rhythms. Title track ‘Robots Of Dawn’, featuring added help from Cesar Merveille and new upstart artist Isis, captures an old school electro feel via an 808 drum workout, vocoded vocal murmurs and funk-infused wandering bass lines whilst modulating synths spiral through the depths of the composition. Mathew Jonson & Ryan Crosson’s ‘Robots At Dawn’ EP is out on Visionquest 20th October 2017.



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