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The O.G. EP

The O.G. EP
Nr kat.: GCR007
Format: 12"
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  • a1 The Right Zone.mp3
  • a2 Yeh Yeh Yeh.mp3
  • b1 Higher Place.mp3
  • b2 Yeh, Higher Places (Jayda G Deep In Your Soul mix).mp3


Lucky number seven for Good Company Records is The “O.G."EP, Roza Terenzi’s cheekily-titled debut. Three tracks of doof-approved club gear from the Perth-born Melbourne resident, plus a bonus ‘Sunday-morning-coming-up’megamix from Vancouver’s Jayda G. With a sound like Windham Hill gone hardcore, this record promises fans from Black Rock to Berlin. After the driving, new age electro of opener ‘The Right Zone’, Terenzi declares ‘Yeh Yeh Yeh’ with a bush-bashing Jeep of a bassline, blasting Roxanne Shante as the posse pile out of the whip & into the function. Later, ‘Higher Place’ sparks the chalice for a pre-dawn dip into the spirit realm… Sometime after that, designated driver (and Freakout Cult-leader) Jayda G takes the wheel, pulling into the church car park with her ‘Deep in Your Soul’ remix, a piano house kick-on of all three Roza Terenzi originals. “Feels good, right?” 108001;"Always a rare treat when a ready-formed and devastatingly good project comes our way Three emails and a delivery truck later, we’re very happy to be lending a hand getting this one to good homes the world over No info to be had, other than a cleverly plotted out Ouija of the label name, some very fetching old school purple master bag sleeves & three incredible cuts of secret origin via the mystifying oracle that is Mutable…



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