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  • a1 Roneus - What Is Fear, What Is Love.mp3
  • a2 Freudenthaler - Can`t Hide.mp3
  • b1 Cassettes For Kids - Oh Girl.mp3
  • b2 Soso Tharpa - Ginseng.mp3


Bon Appetit Records serve up their debut EP, 'A Slice Of The Pie'. The first of a two part Various Artists release from an international ensemble, cooking up four cuts of prime, underground grooves. Denmark's Roneus kicks things off with 'What Is Fear, What Is Love' A deep, rolling morsel that flits between darkness and light, menace and melody, echoed by the haunting vocal, calling out the contrasting emotions of fear and love that perfectly compliment the rhythm. Already being championed by tastemakers like Ross From Friends, it is the perfect treat to start the meal. Germany's Freudenthaler provides the next dish with 'Can't Hide'. A lush track that bubbles and bounces, with a recipe of dusty, crate dug samples that tip their kangol hat to the boom bap hip hop era and pimped out, rare groove sounds, that strut and jive alongside heavy servings of the funk. All mixed into a real head nodding, booty shaking groove.
Speaking of booty shaking, Australia's Cassettes for Kids heads up the flip side with a piping hot dance floor shakedown.... Full to the brim with disco swagger, sumptuous sample work, jakin' beats, wicked chops and all topped off with a creamy hook so damn tasty, it will leave you licking your lips for days.
Hailing from the US, Soso Tharpa leaves us with a sweet taste... a masterclass in how to flip a smooth sample. Laced with frenetic beats and percussion that picks up the laid-back jazzy vibe and throws it down hard! It's perfectly balanced between wanting to kick back and light one up, and feeling an uncontrollable urge to tear a hole in the dance floor Bon Appetit!



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