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First Light Vol 1

First Light Vol 1
Label: Soothsayer
Nr kat.: SS0036
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Angophora - Settled.mp3
  • 02 Rings Around Saturn - Abarth.mp3
  • 03 Jace XL - Really Want That.mp3
  • 04 Chord Memory Band - Reachin` Out.mp3
  • 05 Love Deluxe - Ivan`s Hymn.mp3
  • 06 Sui Zhen - No More Words.mp3
  • 07 Manuel Darquart - Dream Sequence.mp3
  • 08 Ben Houghton - Don`t Worry.mp3
  • 09 James IV - Freda`s Jam.mp3
  • 10 Adonidia - Intermission Theme.mp3
  • 11 River Yarra + Tom Baker - Babylonia.mp3
  • 12 Nite Fleit - Al Bebe.mp3


The inimitable CC:DISCO! has partnered with hyped underground label Soothsayer to curate the first in a collaborative series of compilations entitled First Light. Soothsayer presents First Light: Volume 1 compiled by CC:DISCO! is due for release in February 2018 digitally and on vinyl.

Australia's reigning champion of tasteful electronic music, CC:DISCO! has procured exclusive tracks from emerging and undiscovered artists across genres such as boogie, balearic, funk, disco and house - with each sound piquing her interest, culminating in a finished product that would undeniably slot into a CC:DISCO! set. Her mission statement "Less chin stroking, more dancing." It captures what CC:DISCO! is all about: the dancefloor.

The very first taste of First Light comes in the form of a salty and sweet track called 'Really Want That' by Jace XL. Premiered via Resident Advisor, CC:DISCO! explains: "I remember the first time I heard Jace sing in a bar, at first I thought a DJ was playing then I looked up see Jace singing his guts out. He blew me away! Jace's voice is amazing and to me, a huge part of what's going on in Australian music, so it's with open arms we welcome him to First Light."

CC:DISCO! certainly knows how to work a d-floor. The fast-ascending Victorian DJ has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the last 12 months to be the name on everyone's lips. After cutting her teeth at Melbourne institutions like Daydreams and Boney, word began to spread of CC's paranormal dancefloor abilities and suddenly CC:DISCO! was officially 'a thing'. Within just a couple of years, she has crushed the closing set at Pitch Music and Arts Festival, and graced a multitude of festival stages such as Meredith (now scripted in local folklore), Croatia's Dimensions, and Sugar Mountain's hallowed Boiler Room. She slayed Resident Advisor's RA583 mix, and has nailed guest spots for radio giants NTS, Red Light Radio, triple j and Dublab as well as hosting her famed Friday evening show on PBS FM; Smoke and Mirrors. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say she is now one of the biggest Australian DJs on the planet.

CC:DISCO! has become a staple presence at Soothsayer parties since the birth of the label two years ago, and an easy family dynamic developed. That family has come together for Volume 1 of First Light: a collection of brand new tracks from Australia and New Zealand's thriving local scenes. Jace XL will be keeping good company on the compilation with the inclusion of tracks from Sui Zhen, Chord Memory Band, Nite Fleit, Rings Around Saturn, Manuel Darquart and Love Deluxe just to name a few, with the full track listing and release date being revealed in the new year. These songs - sourced by CC:DISCO! through chance meetings, fangirl moments and dogged emails - come together to create a body of music that is oddly satisfying and timeless. Summer is officially here friends, dive in!



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