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Salsoul Sounds Familiar

Salsoul Sounds Familiar
Label: Salsoul
Nr kat.: SALSBMG16LP
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 The Salsoul Orchestra - Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It) (DJ Spinna ReFreak).mp3
  • 02 The Strangers - Stimulation (Twice & Volcov edit).mp3
  • 03 Ge-Ology - Re-Fingered With Love (feat Sonya Distel).mp3
  • 04 Joe Bataan - Latin Lover (Specter edit).mp3
  • 05 Civil Attack - On The Phone (Mark Grusane edit).mp3
  • 06 Jamie Lynn - You Ain`t Got No Money (Twice & Volcov edit).mp3
  • 07 The Salsoul Orchestra - Salsoul Rainbow (Kai Alce NDATL edit).mp3


Salsoul Records have always stayed one step ahead of the game. Since the labels inception in the early 1970's the imprint's focus has been firmly fixed on presenting the most cutting edge dance music sounds and in the process the label has been instrumental in creating legends and shaping the landscape of contemporary club culture throughout the original Disco era and beyond. It comes as no surprise that many of todays labels and artists cite Salsoul as a fundamental influence on them and their output. The labels music has been endlessly rediscovered, sampled, re-edited and appreciated over and over again, your favourite DJ's and selectors undoubtedly reach for tracks from the catalogue each time they play. This is why Salsoul continue to collaborate with the best labels and artists out there today.

This is where Italy's Sounds Familiar crew come into the picture, for them Salsoul was always inclusive and for the people. The label's music was — and still is — food for the soul. Sounds Familiar has been about bringing a different flavour to club culture since its inception. Their artists may or may not be known to the masses but their collective and individual influence on global music trends and club culture is inherent and indelible. Salsoul and Sounds Familiar coming together is like a Sunday lunch where generations of friends and family cook together. The food of our grandmothers and forefathers getting a fresh new spin as their children come of age and return to the family home.

Featuring a stellar array of internationally renowned underground diggers, DJ's, producers and remixers including DJ Spinna, Mark Grusane, GE-OLOGY, Twice & Volcov, Kai Alce and Specter, this special collaborative release shines a light on the deep corners of the Salsoul catalogue, lovingly reworked for 2018's discotheques by those who know, feel and understand the label, the dancefloor and respecting traditions while adding something a little bit different and a little bit new.

Even when it's a little bit different, it still Sounds Familiar.



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