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Salsoul Funk

Salsoul Funk
Label: Salsoul
Nr kat.: SALSBMG17LP
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 The Salsoul Orchestra - Salsoul Hustle (Disco version).mp3
  • 02 Carol Williams - Rattlesnake (Disco version).mp3
  • 03 Cream De Coco - Disco Strut (12-inch version).mp3
  • 04 Destroyers - Slave Of Love (12-inch version).mp3
  • 05 Joe Bataan - The Bottle (album version).mp3
  • 06 Gary Criss - Rio De Janeiro (12-inch Disco mix).mp3
  • 07 Skyy - High (12-inch mix).mp3
  • 08 Orlando Riva Sound - Body To Body Boogie (12-inch mix).mp3


Salsoul Records present a crate digging anthology of the funkier side of their catalogue - 'An essential collection of dirty New York grooves from the Salsoul stable'.

Primarily a salsa label on it's inception, Salsoul delved into numerous styles throughout it's existence but this killer selection focuses on the rawer sounds.

Featuring artists such as the labels legendary in-house orchestra, Carol Williams, Destroyers, Gary Criss and Joe Bataan and many more this amazing compilation features those slower, more grooved out jams that have been lurking in the recesses of the vaults. Take the mighty 'Rattle Snake' by Carol Williams, a lesser known, four to the floor strutting piece of dancefloor bliss that delivers and then some, or the immense, spaced-out deep soulfulness of The Destroyers Tom Moulton produced rarity 'Slave Of Love', everything is here that the underground dance music lover could ask for and then some....... all graced with that Salsoul qulaity and touch. Essential.

Curated with the full input and backing of Salsoul Records and carefully selected to reflect the truly timeless nature of the music contained within. For listening, for dancing, for turning on a party! Remastered by Optimum Mastering. Artwork & design by Million Dollar Disco.



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