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Something Else / I Know You Will (Marquis Hawkes Re-edits)

Something Else / I Know You Will (Marquis Hawkes Re-edits)
Label: Salsoul
Nr kat.: SALSBMG04
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Something Else (Marquis Hawkes Lofi remix).mp3
  • b1 I Know You Will (Marquis Hawkes re-edit).mp3



Leroy Burgess - One of the pioneers of Boogie, a legendary figure in the NYC Disco scene and all-out originator is well known by dance music aficionados across the globe for his output. His LOGG project from the early 80's especially has acquired a cult status amongst diggers, released on Salsoul in 1981 and boasting mixes from Larry Levan the LP became an instant club classic that still commands the dancefloor in 2017. Salsoul is a label that isn't afraid to bridge the gap between their hugely groundbreaking catalogue and contemporary dance music. They understand the impact and influence their music has had on DJ culture and embrace it wholly. Step up UK underground producer Marquis Hawkes who originally approached Salsoul with this set of killer reworkings that had long been private versions that featured in his sets. Having dropped EP's for labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, AUS Music, Houndstooth and many more his name is firmly planted in the minds of record fiends across the nation. Adopting a classic US style of production, using analog gear, dope loops and chops and finessing it all with his own grittiness, Hawkes seemed a good fit to remix 2 stellar joints from LOGG's catalogue. 'Something Else' and 'I Know You Will' both get cut up, re-edited and laced with rock solid drum programming by Hawkes on this sublime 12". Lovingly tweaked with just the right amount of RAWNESS for the dance this one won't leave your bag anytime soon! Pure peak-time sounds here, another example of Salsoul embracing the sounds of now and breathing freshness into their untouchable catalogue. Essential.



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