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In The Lab EP

In The Lab EP
Nr kat.: F&FB001
Format: 12"
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26 years after its initial release, In The Lab EP by Language receives a reissue via Few & Far Between, a new imprint out of Bristol. Founder of Few & Far Between, Sam Hall, makes the 1992 deep house record the figurehead of his new label, setting the scene for the forthcoming original releases and further reissues in 2018 and beyond. Remastered and pressed from the original DATs dug out by Language members Alex Swift and Mark Lewis, In The Lab receives a crisp new lease of life with a fresh pressing. Swift and Lewis have been working closely with Few & Far Between throughout the entire process, digging out the treasure trove of quarter-century old DATs that were knocking around in their respective homes. Shocked by the sudden interest of music they made 26 years ago, they have both enthusiastically jumped on board for this reissue.

In the early 90s Swift and Lewis crafted In The Lab from the deep house sounds coming out of NYC that they were picking up in Bristol's record stores. For kids coming up in 90s South West, the sounds of New York in 1992 formed unverifiable ideas about what club spaces would have looked and sounded like. In The Lab is the culmination of these fantasies, embellished with some distinctive 'UK' broken beat tropes that were also flowing through Bristol's music scene at the time (and still are).

Few & Far Between has made In The Lab the blueprint for its first year of releases. As Language sought to recreate the influential sounds from a far off place, so too do the signees of Few & Far Between; making references to genres nearly three decades old, in an attempt to bring them into the contemporary. For its time, In The Lab is up there with the best produced deep house records of its year and, like the best of them, made on machines by kids attempting to imitate but instead coming up with something that unique and singular.



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