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Jacuzzi Rollercoaster

Jacuzzi Rollercoaster
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Format: 12"
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Following a summer which has encapsulated tour dates across Europe and a headline closing set at the iconic Somerset House as part of their Summer Series, alongside the scintillating release of a pair of 12' singles 'All My Dreams / Innocence' and 'Plaything / Like' which have sound-tracked the heat wave, Róisín Murphy today releases 'Jacuzzi Rollercoaster ft. Ali Love / Can't Hang On'. The warped and funky, groove-baiting tracks are the third pair of songs in a series of four 12'singles produced by Baltimore maverick musician/producer/DJ Maurice Fulton and released through The Vinyl Factory.

'Jacuzzi Rollercoaster' sees Murphy collaborate with Ali Love, one of London's most inventive and unpredictable voices in dance music over the last decade. Love's trademark smooth and infectious tones marry perfectly with Murphy's. In her own words; ''I love Ali Love's voice, he's got the boogie in him, he's an exceptional hook writer also. I've been hoping to work with him for a long time and this Maurice Fulton music just seemed the perfect match. The baseline in this track is highly evocative and Ali already had the title when he came to the studio, he had just been reading about a 'Jacuzzi Rollercoaster' being built in Japan and it was a notion that fit the funk of the track perfectly, we wrote the song and put the vocals down in a few hours, we're a match made in heaven!''

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