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On And On

  • Skała, Śnieg, Powietrze.

On And On
Nr kat.: IDO008
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 On Rocks.mp3
  • a2 On Snow.mp3
  • b1 On Air.mp3


Life is simple. Sometimes you have some big idea, then you produce good music staff and this process needs no cooperation at all. It happens especially if your name is Jacek Sienkiewicz. Then You just make your very own EP with your original mixes only. This is it, so simple.

What can you expect this time?
You know, as usual on IDO label, carefully crafted, superior sound quality and music that every techno junkie can't miss.
How can we describe the music? Is it this time a deep space journey or just long travel to land of ice and rocks? Well. Maybe we'll leave all synesthetic experiences to you...

Some things, however, can be predicted. If you're familiar with Jacek's creations, listening the tracks from this EP will make on you at lest two impressions. First of all, you'll be charmed because you'll find the music here for which you love Jacek so much. Then another tracks and the second impression that will make you say out loud "Wow this is really Jacek's music?". So, boys ang girls, isn't it a double win situation And for the end of this story we have a short advice related to experiencing this EP. Just play whole EP once and then... do it again.




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