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Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998

Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998
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  • 01 Konzert Fur SIG-Pressluftwerkzeuge (remix 2018).mp3
  • 02 Rollin'.mp3
  • 03 Waves Of Montreux.mp3
  • 04 Baustellenmusik.mp3
  • 05 Swisspack.mp3
  • 06 Rhythm'n Bees.mp3
  • 07 Birds Of Cochin.mp3
  • 08 Coalburner's Delight.mp3
  • 09 Printit.mp3
  • 10 Paradise Garden.mp3
  • 11 Stony Broke Night.mp3


Beautiful 1 LP Edition 140g Vinyl, Heavy 350gsm Sleeve, Liner Notes, Sticker

11 never-heard tracks from Synthzerland pioneer Bruno Spoerri, released for the first time on vinyl, with liner notes by the artist. WRWTFWW Records is very delighted to announce the release of Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998, a collection of never-heard and hard-to-find works by Swiss music pioneer and synth super wizard Bruno Spoerri. The album is sourced from original masters and available on a vinyl LP cut at Emil Berliner Studios (formerly the in-house recording department of Deutsche Grammophon), housed in a 350g sleeve with a superb artwork by Nicolas Eigenheer, and packed with track-by-track liner notes by Mr. Spoerri. Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998 gives a fascinating glimpse into Bruno Spoerri’s incredibly inventive repertoire, collecting tracks from projects as diverse as commissioned music for trade fairs, the Swiss railroads, or the union of Swiss cheese makers(!), soundtracks for TV shows about ecology, live synth improvisations at Montreux Jazz Festival, and sound installations for art exhibitions. Always the adventurer, Spoerri records a pneumatic drill for the irresistible electronic bossa of “Konzert für SIG-Pressluftwerkzeuge", mixes train sounds and the EMS Synthi-100 for the joyful lo-fi funk of “Rollin’", lets overheating synthesizers take a life of their own to create the sci-fi ambient of “Waves of Montreux", and works with bees, pigs and various birds for the environmental music bliss of “Rhythm’n bees” and “Birds of Cochin". Synthzerland rejoice, it’s time for another captivating journey of sound exploration on Planet Spoerri! Bruno Spoerri celebrated his 83th birthday in August this year. He is still experimenting, recording, customizing audio gear, improvising on stage and in the studio, collaborating (Julian Sartorius, Franz Treichler of Young Gods, Marco Repetto of Grauzone, Roger Girod…), inventing new sounds and finding new creative outlets. ...



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