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Ordinary Drugs (gatefold)

Ordinary Drugs (gatefold)
Label: FHUO
Nr kat.: FHUOLP001
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Intro.mp3
  • 02 Underwater Memories (feat Wayne Snow).mp3
  • 03 I Don't Sleep At Night But I Wake Up At 6am.mp3
  • 04 Don't Make Me Leave You Again, Girl.mp3
  • 05 After Winter Must Come Spring (feat Elbi).mp3
  • 06 Parfums D'Aurore.mp3
  • 07 These Are Just Places To Me Now.mp3
  • 08 I Only Remember U When I Sleep (feat Mark Borgazzi).mp3
  • 09 Christmas Is Only Beautiful In TV Shows.mp3
  • 10 Between The Nights.mp3
  • 11 Theme For Marie Marvingt.mp3


Right from the off, this is a lavish, heart-warming record that fuses glowing jazz keys and lingering trumpet motifs with low slung beats, dreamy top lines and catchy basslines. Guests like Wayne Snow add vocal pain to the forlorn and abstract ambiance of ‘Underwater Memories,’ tracks like ‘Don’t Make Me Leave You Again, Girl’ are rousing and live sounding house tracks to lift your spirits, ‘These Are Just Places To Me Now’ features exquisitely filtered vocal samples that make your heart ache and ‘I Only Remember You When I Sleep’ feat Mark Borgazzi is a beautiful downtempo number that is impossibly intimate and honest. They all add up to an enchanting listen that will make you feel the sun on your face even in deepest winter.



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