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Some words from the label:

Justin Cudmore’s “Are You Ready” is the track that’s making you stay at the party long after you started saying you should really get home. Justin tells us that “Are You Ready” is the result of some early experimentation with the studio setup in his old apartment and one of the first white label acid tracks he began playing out, even before his popular debut for The Bunker NY, “Forget It” was released. “The elements came together quickly in an afternoon session -- I had been recently inspired by a trove of acapellas I’d come across. I would say this is when arranging the track really clicked and I started truly assembling it with the dance floor in mind.” Over the next two years, the track became a secret weapon that made its way into the hands of DJs like Craig Richards, Mike Servito, Jackmaster, Derek Plaslaiko and Gerd Janson, becoming something of a sleeper hit.

As Justin made more music and time progressed it seemed that there wasn’t a proper home for “Are You Ready” so he moved on to other projects and the track was shelved until 2018 when he heard Derek Plaslaiko play it out again in Brooklyn and the idea for Derek to remix it was hatched. The sleazy vibe is timeless and timesuspending, rocking the darker corners of the afterhours with retro-minded, futurelooking vibes. Plaslaiko’s remix ups the sleaze serving a dubbed out mood that brings to mind Monday morning sunrises in Detroit, while Gunnar Haslam’s treatment snaps us all out of it a bit by sharpening up the melody and bringing the percolating acid line to the fore.



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