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Music for Dreams: Summer Sessions (180g) (Record Store Day 2019)

Music for Dreams: Summer Sessions (180g) (Record Store Day 2019)
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The Copenhagen based Music For Dreams label have firmly established themselves as being at the forefront of Balearic / Downtempo based music, and this showcase sampler is no exception. The Mini album, especially for Record Store Day (official release) is 6 songs never before released on vinyl. The Danish composer The Swan and The Lake has released three albums on MFD, and starts things off with a stroke of genius, the dreamy remake of his “Plastic Pacific Ocean” that is a stunning sunset / cinematic piece that evokes the old Vangelis/Cafe Del Mar days of the early ’90s. The classical and piano rooted Troels Hammer’s third album “Diario De Silencio” is a collaboration with Brazilian singer Clara Valente and the track “Infinita” is a fine taster, combining misty marimbas, Portugese vocals and ambient strings. The two Danish Legends Nordsø & Theill won praise with their debut album on MFD, and this never-before released Spanish influenced handclapping fusion of “Castanos Azules” is another winner showing the duos splendid playing on guitar and tabla. Mike Salta included here with his tasty Balearic Beach anthem “Hey Moloko” a track that won many Mediterranean hearts during the summer of 2018 but was never released on vinyl. Ambala, aka chill-out legend Phil Mison, featuring Danish guitar player Jonas Krag is a bouncy and funky guitar affair, a track that has gained support by DJ Harvey at his Mercury Rising parties at Pikes in Ibiza last year. Balearic music fans will immediately fall in love with “Hierba Buena", a melodic groove full of rhythmic guitars and swirling keys made by Ibiza legend DJ Pippi. Overall a mini album that encapsulates pure summer vibes!!


A1. The Swan & The Lake - Plastic Pacific Ocean A2. Troels Hammer - Infinita A3. Nordsø & Theill - Castanos Azules

B1. Mike Salta - Hey Moloko B2. Ambala - Morning Lights B3. Di Pippi - Hierba Buena



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