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Caravella EP

Caravella EP
Label: Houseum
Nr kat.: HSM003
Format: 12"
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  • b1 Le Desir.mp3
  • b2 Lu Sentiments.mp3


Houseum Records draft in Gavinco again for their third release, an up and coming artist, first discovered via HSM001, Various Artists - The Four J's.

This time the young producer takes full control with his debut solo EP, "Caravella". The 4 tracks roll in the sweet return of Spring and the first rays of sun - Set off on a journey through rich melodies, merging House rhythms and Jazzy atmospheres.

The exploration starts with 'Caravella' the lead track of the release. Dreamy trumpet lines float you on the wind while the harmonious melody transports you through soothing atmospheres drenched with colourful jazz overtones.

Drifting into 'Assam', we're treated to a smoked out electro funk fusion. Electric guitars play against the pure backdrop created by the jazz flute while, this time, the trumpet drives home the lower frequencies, leading you through the psychedelic haze.

Turn the wheel and move towards warmer horizons with 'Le Désir' - tropical rhythms created by a cocktail of frenzied percussions, enhanced by the sun. 'Le Désir' exudes an aura of hypnotising sensuality.

The sun dips below the horizon as we lower the anchor at the final destination. 'Lu Sentiments' eases you into the night under deliciously dreamy synths. The rhythm is soothing and the echoes of sweet voices resonate in you...



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