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Sad But Ambitious EP

Sad But Ambitious EP
Label: Houseum
Nr kat.: HSM004
Format: 12"
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  • a1 He Said It.mp3
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  • b1 Sad But Ambitious.mp3
  • b2 In A Dream.mp3


Berlin producer and DJ Marc Brauner, half of the Traffic Report duo, signs his first vinyl on Houseum Records with a new and more intimate EP, titled 'Sad But Ambitious'. The German delivers his introspective release with 5 tracks whose musical universe fluctuates between classic House, Breakbeat and Deep House. With this catchy title 'Sad But Ambitious', the EP succeeds in transmitting the musical sensibility of the producer.

We start with ‘He Said It’, a sample based Classic House track featuring warm pads, a pumping sub bassline, straight forward drums and a melody driven arrangement. It is meant as a tribute track to Clyde Stubblefield the former drummer of James Brown.

'Reach for You' is an emotional moody House track. It comes with a rolling drum pattern with moody pad sounds and a straight forward acid line finished off with some vocal chops on top. The track has a darker, more melancholic vibe than A1 but is still a dance floor ready tool. The kick drum is used in a different way to create a Breakbeat'ish African touch.

The title track of the EP has its name to mark a time in Marc Brauner's life where he felt sad about his life and work situation but still was ambitious enough to keep working on the tracks that are finally getting their release now. It comes with a nostalgic charm invoked by rising pads and classic drums combined with a deep bassline and a tear drop bell melody. It's a melancholic track, which you can both dance and cry too.

The last track of the vinyl ‘In a Dream’ is a House & Breaks piece. It consists of heavenly pads, a driving bassline, tight drums and a dreamy melody.

This Breakbeat mood brings power and energy to the melancholic piece while remaining hopeful & uplifting at the same time.

This EP promises a beautiful trip between melancholy sadness and optimism.



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