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1980-1985 (trifold)

  • Comateens byli post-punkami z Nowego Jorku z dosyć mrocznymi tekstami, ale i z popowym zacięciem. Tutaj w ramach jednego wydania zebrane są wszystkie ich 3 albumy, są covery Davida Bowie i „Summer in the City”

1980-1985 (trifold)
Label: Tricatel
Nr kat.: TRILPFR055
Format: 3LP+MP3
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  • 01 Ghosts (Comateens - Coma Side).mp3
  • 02 Late Night City.mp3
  • 03 One By One.mp3
  • 04 TVC 15.mp3
  • 05 All Ways.mp3
  • 06 Summer In The City.mp3
  • 07 Nightmare (Teen Side).mp3
  • 08 Strangler.mp3
  • 09 Overseas.mp3
  • 10 The Munsters Theme.mp3
  • 11 Raceway.mp3
  • 12 Keep The Pace.mp3
  • 13 Get Off My Case (Pictures On A String).mp3
  • 14 The Late Mistake.mp3
  • 15 Ice Machine.mp3
  • 16 Comateens.mp3
  • 17 Pictures On A String.mp3
  • 18 Garbanzo.mp3
  • 19 Uptown.mp3
  • 20 Cinnamon.mp3
  • 21 Cold Eyes.mp3
  • 22 Desert Song.mp3
  • 23 Donna.mp3
  • 24 Crime Time.mp3
  • 25 Resist Her (Deal with It).mp3
  • 26 Confessions.mp3
  • 27 Love Will Follow You.mp3
  • 28 Satin Hop.mp3
  • 29 Deal With It.mp3
  • 30 Nightmare.mp3
  • 31 Walking Watching.mp3
  • 32 Don't Come Back.mp3
  • 33 Jo-Ni.mp3
  • 34 Ask Yourself.mp3


In the fall of 1978, after working with a series of bands, New York-based musician and composer NickWest became interested in experimenting with minimalism, collaborating with guitarist and songwriter Ramona Jan and Lyn Byrd. They decided to play pure pop but to substitute a primitive electronic beatbox for a human drummer. The result was Comateens, becoming one of the first groups to discard the traditional sounds and line-ups used by everyone else in New York City’s downtown music scene of the late 1970s. In 1980 Nick’s brother Oliver joined them as guitarist, and after going on to release three major label albums (Comateens, Pictures On A String, and Deal With It), and with some successful tours and dance-club hits behind them, the band split up following the terribly untimely death of Oliver in June 1987. However in 1988 Virgin Records issued another LP entitled West & Byrd, recorded by Nick and Lyn as a duo, and in 1991 released a retrospective compilation called ‘One By One: Best Of Comateens’, now a rare and much sought-after record among collectors of new wave music. Acclaimed by Etienne Daho, the band has made a name for itself with the singles “Late Night City“, “Get Off My Case“ and “Don't Come Back“.



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