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Satanic Nafs (with The Gaslamp Killer & Mophono RMX)

Satanic Nafs (with The Gaslamp Killer & Mophono RMX)
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In Islamic philosophy, each person has an aspect of the Self called the “Nafs” which is divided into multiple layers. Every day, a person enters into a spiritual battlefield with their dark side, their lowly desires, and Satan. Satanic Nafs is thus the lowest level of the self, due the love of oneself and evil desires. Achieving spiritual transformation involves a constant struggle against the lower nature of the self (Satanic Nafs). This struggle led JAUBI to discover the complex Qur’anic and philosophical concept of “Nafs”, which became the major conceptual driving force behind the all-new and original music.

The spiritual journey began when London flautist/saxophonist Tenderlonious and Polish Pianist Marek Latarnik Pędziwiatr (EABS/Błoto), both amongst the torchbearers of the new European Jazz scene, visited JAUBI in Lahore, Pakistan during April 2019. The six musicians collectively poured their personal turmoil of experiencing death, divorce, unemployment, drug addiction and religious disaffiliation into the recording sessions that served as a spiritual path to transcendence and artistic purity.

‘Satanic Nafs’ serves as a teaser for Jaubi’s debut album entitled ‘Nafs At Peace’ which itself is a musical exploration of Qur’anic verses and Islamic philosophies through a prism of Spiritual/Modal Jazz, North Indian Classical Music and Hip-Hop. The Nafs journey is strengthened with remix on B side done by Los Angeles legends The Gaslamp Killer and Mophono. Single artwork was designed by Australian artist A.Kid, also known for his work with Brownswood Recordings. 

A Side

Written by Ali Riaz Baqar (A.Baqar)

Zohaib Hassan Khan - Sarangi
Kashif Ali Dhani - Tabla, Vocals
Tenderlonious - Flute
Latarnik - Moog Voyager

Recorded by André Viervoll at Newtone Studios
Mix: Rhys Downing

B Side

Written by Ali Riaz Baqar, The Gaslamp Killer & Mophono (A.Baqar, W. Bensussen, B. Illgen)

Drums: Gene Coy

Recorded by Mario Caldato Jr. at MCJ Studio
Mix: Mophono

Both tracks mastered by Paweł Bartnik -
Executive Producer: Łukasz Wojciechowski
A&R: Łukasz Wojciechowski, Sebastian Jóźwiak & Oliver Reeves
Artwork: A.Kid
Calligraphy: İlkay Kanar
Graphic design: Animisiewasz

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