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Energy Formula

  • Najnowszy kaseciak od wrocławskiego K-Hole Trax to wspaniały brudny i połamany album od artysty z Włoch.

Energy Formula
Nr kat.: KHT007
Format: MC+MP3
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Limited Edition 70 x White Tape Cassettes.

Spirinet is a new raw house and techno oriented project of Sebastiano Carghini, an electronic musician, record producer from Italy, who so far has had the opportunity to present his work, via such labels as Psychic Liberation, Enmossed or New York Haunted.

Everything started owing to a tape found in Dutch second-hand record store. During Carghini's musical studies in the Netherlands he used to go digging through the crates of Hague’s record stores almost every week. Afterall he ended up collecting hundreds of cassettes with all types of forgotten and niche music. Back in Italy Carghini came across this hip-hop mixtape from the 90s and began sampling from it. When he reached a decent amount of samples and totally destructured them forming into more house oriented rhythms, the original idea of Spirinet was born...

"Energy Formula" by Spirinet is the 7th piece released by the Polish cassette tape label K-Hole Trax. Inside you will find a proper collage of signature sounds affiliated with Wroclaw’s imprint. Raw distorted Chicago house of the album-opening "Lads On Highway" brings to mind Delroy Edwards’ work. "Conga Player" kicks in as a perfect low-key groover able to get any dancefloor into a seductive riot. Breezily abstract broken beat "Stretched-Thinker" seems like an absolute heavy-hitter smokers anthem. "Dj Piano" closes the A-side with some hazy Actress-esque bittersweetly sunbaked psychedelia. Simple but driving bouncy acid workout "Bangin’ Bassline" launches side B with flamboyant energy. Ghostly voices of crunchy oddball roller "Take It For Real" leaves the listener with goose bumps. "Shame’s" slightly loose drums and high pitched vocals recall Hi-NRG early 90s house era. "Up" eventually ends the material with a little nod to the late Houston chopped-n-screwed legend DJ Screw.




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