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A Miscellany For The Quiet Hours (180g)

A Miscellany For The Quiet Hours (180g)
Nr kat.: AI-24
Format: LP
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  • 01 The Bedside Book.mp3
  • 02 A Century Of Sea Stories (Xmas 1936).mp3
  • 03 With Answers.mp3
  • 04 Section V Light.mp3
  • 05 Inscription For An Old Book.mp3
  • 06 Technical Press.mp3
  • 07 Other Sleepers.mp3
  • 08 A Century Of Humour.mp3
  • 09 Faithful Friend.mp3
  • 10 P209.mp3


Craig Tattersall is a real enigma, once you're familiar with what he does. The Humble Bee represents one outlet, but even this project shows a multitude of talents and an uncanny ability to deliver what you may not have been expecting. At once a vivid tapestry pieced together from different pieces of things, specifically tape recordings, revealing a great technical achievement, the fact the contents initially present themselves as coherent, musically accomplished pieces then confirms his place as a master artist.

Tattersall's is the sound of memories, perhaps. Nostalgia-hued, crackling yet melodic, its imperfections are exactly what will keep you coming back for more. We've all been through the crisp and polished ends of ambient, but what's here is in many ways far more human. Tender but also beaten up, here are the tunes that make you remember life as it really is, but also as it never really was.



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