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009 EP (Limited Edition w/ yo-yo)

  • yo-yo = two discs making love

009 EP (Limited Edition w/ yo-yo)
Label: Apparel
Nr kat.: APLWAX009
Format: 12"
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  • 01 Track 1.mp3
  • 02 Track 2.mp3
  • 03 Track 3.mp3
  • 04 Track 4.mp3
  • 05 Track 5.mp3
  • 06 Track 6.mp3


The vinyl's gadget this time is a yo-yo which, if you think of it, is just two discs making love. (only for the first 200 orders!)

Apparel Wax is back with the 9th gem of its catalogue, a stunning six track EP out worldwide on the 7th of June 2021. The vinyl faced hero always wants to grow, therefore is on a constant quest for the evolution of its music and this record proves it once again being it a superb array of assorted sounds. A1 kicks it off in style with its Chicagoan touch taking over after a smooth intro: the mellow pad chords laying down the foundation of the arrangement, the soft strings and the melodious piano notes make it a perfect start. A2 opens with a steady kick and a silky bassline murmuring throughout the whole track while some more keys create a Deep dynamic beat. To end side A here's A3 with its far-out, spacey atmosphere and its Deep chords backed by an energetic rhythm section. Side B of our vinyl is about class: B1 is a nothing short of chic with its sampled vocals and its elegant pads. B2 is more Deep with its evolving piano melody, its balanced and groovy drums and some masterly crafted tiny vocal samples. B3 wraps up the record with a Jungle beat sprinkled with Jazz, R&B and Soul. APLWAX009 is a tenacious and cohesive work, yet disseminated by inspirational and diverse sounds which will be Wax's touch forevermore. A perfect EP to start the warmest season with the hope of being able to enjoy the outdoors without restrictions.



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