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Future Literature

Future Literature
Label: Milkman
Nr kat.: MM01
Format: 12"
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Since 2016, Milkman has been a pioneer in India’s ever-evolving electronic music scene. From building the foundations of India’s warehouse-rave culture, to consistently curating international and local artists at the forefront of the electronic musical underground, Milkman has quickly become a formidable force. Both editions of its festival, ‘Terminal 1’ were highly well-received, and this year, Milkman brings its first ever release as a label to the world.

Azu Hoyvoy’s music feels like it has a toehold in the world of left-field dance-floors, while also being comfortable in any post-apocalyptic sensorium you can dream up. This peculiar trait should not come as a surprise. The chaos, darkness, and simultaneous beauty of the city from which he hails all make for a hard cocktail of deep-uplifting-frightening-introspective fervor, spilling appropriately into this record.

The twenty-three-year-old Mumbai-native’s previous music is largely dominated by RnB and Soul, and in some ways feels like the proverbial Jekyll to Future Literature’s Mr. Hyde. To the extent that Azu’s previous incarnation still resides in his darker counterpart, it shows in Future Literature’s multi-faceted grooves and syncopations that are relatively unique in this spectrum of electronic music. This collection of tunes finds a very suitable corner in the eclectic and forward-thinking home of Milkman, and the result is an enjoyably mind-expanding, if sometimes disconcerting record.





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