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Running Back Mastermix Presents Wild Pitch Club (Mixed)

Running Back Mastermix Presents Wild Pitch Club (Mixed)
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  • 01 Deep 6 - We're Going Deep.mp3
  • 02 Ralph Falcon - Every Now &Then.mp3
  • 03 Papermusic Issue One - Downtime.mp3
  • 04 Global Goone - Fin.mp3
  • 05 KGB - Detroit 909.mp3
  • 07 Omegaman - Into The AM.mp3
  • 08 Da Rebels - House Nation Under A Groove.mp3
  • 11 The Afrodizzact - Strange.mp3
  • 13 Louie Balo - Don't Shut Me Out.mp3
  • 15 Kings Of Tomorrow - Untitled.mp3
  • 16 Kings Of Tomorrow - I Hear My Calling (feat Sean Grant).mp3
  • 17 Iz & Diz - Down 4 U.mp3
  • 18 Presence - How To Live (2022 remaster).mp3
  • 20 Jovonn - Better Love (feat Krystine).mp3
  • 21 Low Key - Try Me Baby.mp3
  • 22 Free Energy - Happiness.mp3
  • 23 Wam Kidz - In Love Again.mp3
  • 24 Tronic Pulse - Early AM.mp3



The next issue in the on-going Mastermix series features a centerpiece of Frankfurt’s club history: Wild Pitch Club.

A predecessor to the esteemed Robert Johnson and a stepping stone for Panorama Bar’s very own nd_baumecker.

Founded by Playhouse masterminds Ata and the late Heiko M/S/O it was a Thursday club night that heavily featured house music as a prescription to the ongoing techno fever. Enamored with the US-American roots of it and all things deep, it not only presented the right records, but also their creators and protagonists. With a string of guest DJs from Robert Hood and Claude Young to Kerri Chandler and Theo Parrish as well as talent from the UK and Europe, it was one of the culture’s hubs at the time.

Here you have its testimony. Selected and mixed by Ata and nd_baumecker, it’s an authentic snapshot of the club’s vibe and spirit, spread over a collectable tape (download included) and a pleasant streaming version, it’s the full dosage. Like Roach Motel confessed: Wild Pitch, I love you.





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